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Jeep YJ 3" Drop Skid Plate

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Jeep YJ skid plate
Barnes 4wd Jeep Skid Plates are made to protect the belly of your Jeep and give you a smooth surface to slide on. We offer our Skid plates in three different configurations of 0", 2" and 3" drops so you can find the one best for your rig. Each Skid plate has a 1.5" lip on the front and back of the skid to add rigidity and prevent the skid plate from digging into obstacles. These skids do not have drilled holes for the transfer case so you are free to use any transmission and transfer case that you wish. Our skid plates are Laser cut from 1/4" A50 Steel Plate and made in the USA.


3 Inch Drop: Same drop as factory skid plate

2 Inch Drop: Applications with 1 inch body lift

Flat: Extensive modification required. Transmission tunnel of vehicle may have to be modified.