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A Beginner's Guide to Offroading Components

A Beginner's Guide to Offroading Components

Off-roading is a thrilling and adventurous activity that can be both fun and challenging. But if you’re new to off-roading, it can be difficult to know to start. The components of your vehicle are key to successful off-road, so let's take a look at what goes into an off-road vehicle. 

At Hired Gun Offroad, we have all the off-road shops and tools you need to get your vehicle ready for the trail. Depending on what type of off-roading you plan to do, there are a few key components that will help make your experience safer and more enjoyable. Learn more and reach out to our off-road shop today!


Tires are a critical component in off-roading. Not only do they provide traction, but they can help protect your vehicle from sharp rocks and obstacles on the trail. Off-road tires come with more aggressive tread patterns and may have higher sidewalls to support larger loads. If you plan to drive over rough terrain or mud, make sure you get the right tires for your vehicle. 


Suspension is an important component of a successful off-road vehicle. It helps absorb shocks, reduce body roll, and provide better tire contact for improved traction. Suspension systems allow vehicles to move over terrain without damaging the frame or parts. It also makes your ride more comfortable by reducing bumps in the road. Many off-road suspensions are adjustable, allowing you to adjust for your driving conditions. 

Lighting and Electronics

Having the right off-road truck parts is essential for a safe ride on the trail. Off-road lights can help you see in low light conditions and allow you to spot obstacles before they become a problem. Many vehicles now come with advanced electronics like GPS, off-road mapping systems, and electronic traction control. These features can help make your ride more enjoyable and safer as well.


Finally, armor is a great way to protect your vehicle from damage while out on the trail. Armor can be in the form of skid plates or rock sliders which are designed to deflect rocks and other obstacles from damaging your vehicle. If you’re planning on driving over rough terrain, make sure you have the necessary armor to keep your vehicle safe.

At Hired Gun Offroad, we have everything you need to get your off-road vehicle ready for the trail. From tires, suspension systems, lighting, and electronics, to armor and off-road truck parts, we have it all. Stop in today or reach out — our friendly staff is here to help you find the right components for your off-road vehicle. With the right gear, you’ll be ready to hit the trail with confidence! Whether you're an experienced off-roader or just getting started, Hired Gun Offroad can help you find the components and tools you need for a successful off-roading adventure. Happy off-roading!

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